Saturday, 9 July 2011

For the love of Gord!

Yes - it is a pretty crap pun, I know! It actually comes from a joke that started at a place I worked at a few years ago. Gord is obviously just a shortened version of my full name. There was a lady in the office who used to manage all the admin side of the IT Department (not IT admin - literally the forms, paperwork, holidays, etc.) and one of the things she had to do was let people know who was out of the office and when.

Well, I was taking a Friday off so a couple of days before, a standard email went out to everyone informing people of this fact, except it had a typo on my name instead of Gord, it said God. So we were all informed that God was out of the office on Friday.

Well, I was flattered she thought so highly of me! ;-)

Anyway, it sparked off a series of puns such as "for Gord's sake" and so on. And she never really did live that particular gaff down.

So now you know. Tell all your friends! :-P

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