Saturday, 9 July 2011

I'm back!

I know I say this every week... but where the heck did that week go? Before I kenw it, it was Friday! I tried logging in last night and earlier today and couldn't... loks like there was some maintenance going on or something. Well, I've got lots to talk about so I'm sure I'll be posting some more stuff today!

Today has been a nice day - I've watched the qualifying for F1 at Silverstone... looks like it's going to be interesting! A well deserved pole start for Mark Webber and all three British drivers there are in the top 10! :-)

I know Mark Webber's Australian and, of course, I want to see Jenson, Lewis and Paul do the best but Mark always seems to have such bad luck and he tries so hard - it would be good to see him win!

Apart from that, I've been attacking my garden again. It's looking clearer but it's going to be a while before I can feel like it looks at least half tidy.

I've postponed my original plan to watch Star Trek Nemesis last night. Firstly, I couldn't get on here and wanted do my pre and post thoughts on the movie like I did for Insurrection.  Secondly, I just didn't have the time top watch it in the end. If I don't get to do it tonight, I'll try and do it next week.

I've also started watching season 6 of 24. Yes - I really am THAT far behind! I was watching that season when my Dad passed away so I never finished watching it and I lost interest in it for a while. Then, by chance, I happened to listen to the remix they did of the theme tune for the soundtrack of CD of 24. It made me remember how much I liked watching that show so now I'm catching up! I'm watching season 6 from the beginning again. I'm on episode 4 now.

Well, more from me later. I'm really hungry from all that hacking and slashing weeds so I must go and eat now!

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