Friday, 24 June 2011

F***ing tennis!

Wow! Was it really Monday the last time I posted? That week went fast! I've managed to get a lot done at work this week. If you recall an earlier post (well, that's assuming you're reading all my ramblings! lol) I was having trouble fixing a particular problem at work and I only managed a partial fix... well, earlier this week I fixed that problem 100%. Then I fixed another big problem... I've fixed loads of things this week!

TV here in the UK is currently being hammered with Wimbledon stuff. I don't mind a bit of it but it's getting stupid now. Not only is BBC1 and 2 pretty much The Wimbledon Channel, they've also out it on every screen on the Sports red button service and flooded iPlayer with it too. Talk about overkill! They're not showing any of the F1 practice sessions or the favourite races picked by the drivers today... well, they apparently 'found' a slot of a couple of hours earlier while most people were at work. And that's your lot. Epic fail BBC!

I'm sure some people are enjoyign it... but is it really necessary to flood absolutely everything with it and cancel stuff to fit it in? Maybe it's time for a BBC Sports channel and all that stuff can be shoved onto that!

Anyway, rant over! ;-) lol

I'm looking forward to the weekend!

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  1. "Epic Fail BBC"...
    If you think they are bad you should see BBC America some time... THOSE are some impressive failures.