Thursday, 2 June 2011


Well, here it is! My first post! :-)

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read! Well, as you can tell from the title of this blog - my name is Gord (short for Gordon - nothing Swedish or anything like that). I'm 31 years old, work in IT for a well known global company and guess I'm a bit of a geek too. You'll probably see that from the posts I make.

Why have I decided to add another blog to all the millions that are out there? Well... I just felt like it to be honest! I also have a lot of interests which I hope to share on here and hopefully maybe meet some new people as a result.

I don't get to hang out with friends as much as when I was younger, mostly due to work and also the fact that most people I know have moved away.

I'm quite a friendly chap - open, honest and I have a good sense of humour (well, I like it anyway!). I'm quite a creative person, I like building things or drawing... not that I have much time for either these days but I can be quite inventive when I want to be. I like Sci-Fi, anime and all the kind of stuff that geeks should like. I won't list all of my interests as it'll take all day, I'm bound to miss something and you'll probably find out more about my interests from this blog anyway.

I'll post a pic of me at some point too.

Anyway, bye for now and I look forward to chatting more! :-)

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