Thursday, 2 June 2011

Second post!

Well, it's nearly the weekend. Just one more day to go... thank God! The last few weeks have been really busy - I've been working literally non-stop, pausing only for lunch. I guess it makes the day go faster, which isn't a bad thing in itself but when you have to meet deadlines and things just aren't going fast enough or - as is usually the case - things unexpectedly go wrong, it's not such a good thing.

Today was an example. I had it all planned out - I was building a virtual environment (don't worry - I shan't go into details) and estimated it would be finished by 10:30 this morning. I've been building this thing for two weeks now - it was originally going to be one week but extra stuff got bolted on and it took longer. It was supposed to be finished yesterday but no worries, I've got most of it done. Just need to spend a bit of time finishing it off and then it's gone for good! But no... first I get a load of crap errors - when I shouldn't have. There really was no reason for it! Then, when I fixed it and finally got everything working beautifully... one of the guys I'm building it for comes back and tells me there's a problem with one of the virtual servers I've moved for this (I'm doing my best not to bog this down in techno babble but it's a bit hard toe xplain avoiding it entirely)... And that's the rest of the day blown away. I've been trying to figure out what the problem is with this stupid thing... page after page of 'advice' on Google and none of it works. The same error every time.

I'm sure I'll fix it tomorrow... God, I hope I do! I can't really waste another day on it!

Stuff like that is the reason why I feel so tired at the end of the week! I'll be glad to get shot of it now! Don't get me wrong - I like what I do... it pays well and is a lot more stimulating than a lot of jobs (I hate being bored) but I don't like things to drag on... and this is really starting to drag! I mean it's dragging more than a transvestite convention! That's how much it's dragging! lol

Ah well. Tomorrow's another day I guess. I often find that when I approach this stuff with a fresh set of eyes I fix it in a few minutes. Had a similar episode to that the other day. Spent the whole day stressing about fixing this problem and then came in the next day and fixed it in five minutes.

Hope that happens tomorrow! 

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